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MANOLACHI VEACESLAV, dr. habil., university professor,
Merited Coach of the Republic of Moldova, Master of Sports

Throughout history, full of crucial and glorious moments as well as challenges in the process of great changes in accordance with the Education Code of the Republic of Moldova, the State University of Physical Education and Sport has consistently followed its purpose, given from the beginning of its founding, that was to become the main training center for specialists in the domain of physical education and sport; kinetotherapy, protection, guard and security. In the world of mobility, in which physical exercise is an element and barometer of the quality of life in the society, SUPES demonstrates itself on the global educational market as a leading consolidated institution, open to the national and international academic community, both in terms of scientific research and study programmes. The mission of the State University of Physical Education and Sport was to combine education, research, and innovation – a fact, which represents the way to the society and the economy of knowledge. Creating knowledge firstly through scientific work, spreading it through education and professional training, its dissemination through physical exercise technology, as well as using the final product of motor act are the elements that define the remarkable character of our university.
Realizing the fundamental role played by universities and students’ organizations on the stage of the European Higher Education, the State University of Physical Education and Sport has as a priority the development of higher education quality at the European level, taking into account the reorganization by the adoption of a system based on cycles implementation of which started in 2005, encouraging students and staff mobility, working on the realization of partnerships with social society in the decision making and transforming continuous learning in reality.
In order to face these challenges successfully the State University of Physical Education and Sport permanently monitors the development of a profound educational and research policy, a process the whole community has to be involved in.
Today, SUPES offers to all those willing to produce knowledge, to promote innovation, or to perform in the scientific, methodical field of sport, both amateur and professional, as well as to those who would like to get a Licence, Master’s, PhD or Postdoctoral studies a vivid and dynamic intellectual environment, stimulating individual achievement, team interdisciplinary work. And the latter is a fact realized through numerous scientific projects in collaboration with the Moldovan Academy of Science, Universities from Iasi, Galati (Romania), as well as the National University of Physical Education and Sports from Ukraine and other states. Thus, within the SUPES Charter, advanced scientific research and education were assumed as two equally important parts of our University mission.
Currently, SUPES is very proud of its departments: Pedagogy, Kinetotherapy, Protection, Guard and Security, Sport, as well as Continuing Professional Training Department, as well, we would like to mention our theoretical and practical Chairs, where a great amount of educational work is done, in order to ensure the formation of highly professional-pedagogical staff competitive ones on both national and international market in the education field.
Thus, at present, a new study and training basis is being created, in accordance with the World and European educational standards and requirements, this being confirmed by the fact that SUPES has signed the Magna Charta Universitatum in Bologna, Italy, so now we have the opportunity to extend our international relations and to strengthen collaboration with more than 100 university centers which are already our academic partners.
Nowadays, SUPES has the best conditions to focus the entire scientific and methodological potential of the institution on raising the efficiency of the educational system and realizing the objectives in the priority fields of the higher education in physical education and sport, everything in order to fulfill the high and noble mission of forming personalities in which the physical and spiritual part would combine harmoniously.
Welcome to the State University of Physical Education and Sport!
Functions and responsibilities of the Rector:
1. The Rector leads the current operational activity of the Institution, creates opportunities for professional development of highly qualified specialists, promotes cultural, educational, and scientific values.
a) organizes the fulfillment of the educational program, scientific research and ensures the financial activity of the Institution, the fulfillment of other attributions provided by the university charter.
b) guides the services and specialists activity in order to ensure stable and efficient functioning of the Institution, to reduce the material and labor expenses in teaching activity, scientific research, and creative arts, and to increase the Institution profitability;
c) organizes the services and specialists activity in order to ensure harmless working conditions for employees;
d) presents for examination to the Founder proposals coordinated with the Council for institutional strategic development regarding the change of composition, reconstruction, technical re-equipment of the goods provided to the Institution under management;
e) ensures the efficient use of the goods received in operative management;
f) ensures the presentation, as established, the financial and fiscal reports, statistical and other reports to the respective state bodies;
g) ensures the timely transfer of payments in the national public budget;
h) undertakes measures to prevent the disclosure of professional secrecy and other confidential data;
i) ensures the payment of salaries, in the manner and within the terms established by the legislation;
j) presents annually to the Senate, the Council for Institutional Strategic Development, the Founder a report on the activity of the Institution, which is published on the official website of the Institution;
k) fulfills other duties related to the organization and assuring the Institution activity, according to the legislation;
l) at the request of the Founder, presents information about the current activity of the Institution and the measures taken by him;
m) the Rector is the budget executor of the higher education institution;
n) is elected by the general assembly of the titular teachers and the student representatives from the senate and from the faculty councils with the majority of members’ vote;
o) appoints prorectors during his term no later than 6 months from his inauguration;
p) initiates, through the competition commissions approved by the senate, the competition for the position of dean and head of department/chair, according to the institutional regulation, within a maximum of 6 months from the vacancy of the respective position.