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Throughout the history, full of crucial and glorious moments as well as challenges in the process of great changes in accordance with the Education Code of the Republic of Moldova, the State University of Physical Education and Sport has consistently followed its purpose, given from the beginning of its founding, that was to become the main training center for specialists in the domain of physical education and sport; kinetothera-py, recreational physical culture; protection, guard and security. In the world of mobility, in which physical exercise is an element and barometer of the quality of life in the society, SUPES demonstrates itself on the global educational market as a leading consolidated institution, open to the national and international academic community, both in terms of scientific research and study programmes.
The mission of the State University of Physical Education and Sport was to combine education, research and innovation — a fact, which represents the way to the society and the economy of knowledge. Creating knowledge firstly through the scientific work, spreading it through education and professional training, its dissemination through physical exercise technology, as well as using the final product of motor act are the elements that define the remarkable character of our university.
Realizing the fundamental role played by universities and students’ organizations on the stage of the European Higher Education, the State University of Physical Education and Sport has as a priority the development of higher education quality at the European level, taking into account the reorganization by the adoption of a system based on cycles implementation of which started in 2005. It also strongly encourage students and staff mobility, working on realization of partnerships with social society in the field of decision making, in order to make continuous learning a reality for our country.
In order to face these challenges successfully the State University of Physical Educa-tion and Sport permanently monitors the development of a profound educational and research policy, a process the whole community has to be involved in.
Today, SUPES offers to all those willing to produce knowledge, to promote innovation or to perform in the scientific, methodical field of sport, both amateur and professional, as well as to those who would like to get Licence, Master’s, PhD or Postdoctoral studies a vivid and dynamic intellectual environment, stimulating individual achievement, team interdisciplinary work. And the latter is a fact realized through numerous scientific projects in collaboration with Moldovan Academy of Science, Universities from Iasi, Galati (Romania), as well as the National University of Physical Education and Sports from Ukraine. Thus, within the SUPES Charter, the advanced scientific research and education were assumed as two equally important parts of our University mission.
Considering all the above mentioned, SUPES is very proud of its departments: Peda-gogy, Kinetotherapy, Protection, Guard and Security, Sport, as well as Part-Time Educa-tion Department, with the Further Professional Training Department as a part of it. As well, we would like to mention our theoretical and practical Chairs, where a great amount of educational work is done, in order to ensure the formation of highly professional pedagogical staff in the domain of physical education and sport, on both national and international academic market.
As a result of hard work of the entire academic staff of our institution, we can now be proud of our graduates, who brought the name of SUPES on prestigious professional sport arenas, like the Olympic Games, for instance, as well as in academic and training institutions, professional schools, lyceums, gymnasiums etc.
We are definitely very proud of the outstanding personalities of the international sport who where educated within the walls of our University: Tudor Casapu, Olympic Cham-pion (power lifting); Igor Dobrovolschi, Olympic Champion (football); Nicolae Ju-ravschi, double Olympic Champion (kayaking-canoeing); Larisa Popova, Olympic Cham-pion (canoeing); Serghei Mureico, Olympic bronze medalist in Greco-Roman wrestling, Atlanta; Natalia Valeeva, Olympic bronze medalist in Barcelona (archery); Oleg Cretu, Olympic Champion at the Paralympics (judo); Veaceslav Gojan, Olympic bronze medalist in boxing (Beijing) as well as the big number of medalists and winners of the World and European Champion-ships. Our graduates have also reached wonderful achievements in the domain of sport training : Vasile Coltsa, Vasile Luca, Mihai Ciudin, Leonid Calpascincov (judo); Andrei Doga (sambo) Constantin Cobileanu, Nicolae Oriol, Petru Marta, Boris Savva, Anatol Raevschi (free style wrestling); Petru and Svetlana Caduc (boxing); Gheorghe Gutu, Eugen and Alexandru Bratan (power lifting); Alexandru Tudose, Alexandru Postovoi (swimming). Many of our graduates now work within the National Sport Federations occupy important positions in Ministries, State Departments and Governmental structures. A big part of them were decorated with various Olympic and State awards.
At this great anniversary the State University of Physical Education and Sport is very proud of its wonderful results. And this inspires us to keep searching for the most effi-cient methods and means to train the staff for the specialties: Physical Education and Psychopedagogy, Physical Education and Sports, Property Security Services, Civil Security and Public Order; Fire-Fighting Services, Modern and Sport Dance, Recovery Physical Culture, Recreational Physical Culture. We are also glad to offer a large diversity of Master Programmes, where every graduate of the 1st cycle will be able to find a good continuation of his or her studies. Thus, at present, a new study and training basis is being created, in accordance with the World and European educational standards and require-ments, this being confirmed by the fact that SUPES has signed the Magna Charta Uni-versitatum in Bologna, Italy, so now we have the opportunity to extend our international relations and to strengthen collaboration with more than 100 university centers which are already our academic partners.
Nowadays, SUPES has the best conditions to focus the entire scientific and methodolog-ical potential of the institution on raising the efficiency of the educational system and realizing the objectives in the priority fields of the higher education in physical education and sport, everything in order to fulfill the high and noble mission of forming personalities in which the physical and spiritual part would combine harmoniously.
And I would like to finish my speech with the words of one of our great ances-tors: „Great applause is not inconsistent with admiration, but the greatest admiration gives rise, not to words, but to silence” (A. Gellius).
Thus, for the up coming period of time we will let the society to express its praise and admiration, and, meanwhile, in silence and diligence, we will do our best to create the new generations of academic staff, so necessary at the moment, in order to realize the supreme mission, to educate a person, helping him or her to become a real PERSON.
Welcome to the State University of Physical Education and Sport!